Fascrete HC Pail

Phoscrete HC MALP Concrete for Horizontal/Castable Concrete Repairs

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Includes [1] single use pail to make concrete patches. Each pail fills 1 board foot (1 ft. x 1 ft. x 1 in.). Fascrete chemically bonds to clean, dry, sound concrete. And Fascrete bonds to itself, so you can mix and place multiple pails as a monolithic patch. 

Once mixed, Fascrete HC has a milkshake consistency. It bonds strong. It works great on pavement repairs, and you can place it and get a beautiful finish using polystyrene (or wood) formwork.

You will need a good drill and a mixing paddle. Quality mixers are available from The Phoscrete Shop. Mix for about one minute, use a trowel to scoop all the mixed Fascrete HC from the pail, place and get a nice finish on your patch.

One inch is recommended minimum thickness for Fascrete HC (go thicker for vehicular traffic0.

Always wear appropriate PPE when using Fascrete. Read our instructions before using, and contact us for support.

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Fascrete HC is a great concrete repair product for both construction professionals and DIY’ers. It works great for potholes and spalls on concrete pavements, bridges, dams, seawalls, stairwells, sidewalks, industrial floors (including freezer floors) and more.

Fascrete HC Pails are commonly used for small patches and for the final pours on larger repairs when you don’t need to mix a full-sized kit. Fascrete HC Pails work great for anchoring, and to fill concrete core holes.

Fascrete HC Safety Data Sheet – English
Fascrete Activator Safety Data Sheet – English


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