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Quick and easy DIY concrete repair!

Are you looking for a fast-setting concrete that would fix up the gaps on your concrete flooring? You don’t have to fret about your damage concrete surface anymore! At Fascrete, we have crafted the perfect mixture that will not only dry up within a matter of minutes but will also leave your surface smooth and crack-free.
We understand the hassle attached to fixing a broken concrete surface and the dangers it can impose, and our product has been made by keeping in mind all these problems. Keep reading to find out more about our product and why it is ideal for your home.


WaboFlex Panels Replacement

About Fascrete

Fascrete is an easy to use, fast-setting concrete repair material that bonds strong and lasts long. Simply mix our dry powder and liquid activator for about a minute, then place and finish. Your broken concrete is fixed – FAST! No smell, painless cleanup (with water), and it stops rust too.  Fascrete – welcome to the next generation of DIY concrete repair.  #fixitfast


Our products

At Fascrete, we have devised several different products aimed at your convenience and the issues you might face. We have various kits and equipment that will aid your concrete fixing process and simplify it for you. Our easy-to-use kits are excellent if you plan on fixing your broken concrete by yourself, avoiding any outside help. Even though setting broken concrete might sound like a strenuous and demanding task, our easy DIY kits provide practical solutions and leave a long-lasting impact.

We have a fascrete helix mixer that perfectly blends the activator and the dry powder when it comes to the equipment that we offer. Our other product is our fascrete auger mixer. This auger mixer is a more handy tool for mixing the powder and producing more efficient results if you repeatedly mix the solution.


The Kits that we offer

Concrete Repair Material


We know how hazardous broken concrete can be and how it can destroy the beauty of your home. Our fast-setting concrete kit consists of dry concrete and our liquid activator, which will create the perfect solution that you need upon mixing. Our kit consists of 4 smaller kits so that you can use the product in four different instances. It is not only ideal for repairing your pavements but can also be used to treat overhead and vertical patches


This product consists of a 1.25-gallon pail, which, when mixed with our dry powder, acts as an activator. Upon proper mixing, you will end up with a solution that can be poured over the area that needs to be repaired. The texture of the Fascrete Vo Pail is very putty-like, and therefore it is preferably applied over overhead and vertical surfaces. However, if your requirement does not fall in the range of overhead and vertical surfaces, then you can mix it further and end up with a feather-finished mixture that can be applied over stairs, walls, over hangings, and other parts of your home.

Fastcrete - Best Concrete Repair Material
Fascrete - Best Concrete Repair Material


Like our other two kits, this is also sufficient for repairing broken surfaces. However, this kit is ideal for medium-sized surfaces and can even be used in almost freezing weather.

Fascrete Helix Mixer

If you only need to repair up to four pails of Fascrete HC or VO, Use this Small Helix Mixing Paddle for mixing. It takes a little bit longer to mix and the plastic will wear out after a few pails. But for some DIY projects, that's all your need.

Fascrete Plastic Helix Mixing Paddle
Fascrete Urethane Auger Mixer for pail mixing


If your DIY skills are more Handyman, then you need our Fascrete urethane auger to mix pails of Fascrete again and again (and again).

The auger mixes Fascrete fast. The urethane wont stick to Fascrete so your tool cleans up easy with a good spin in a bucket of water.

Fascrete small mixers are perfect for Fascrete VO and HC pails. Fascrete large mixers are used for large mixes of Fascrete in 5 gallon buckets.

Ready to find out more?

If by now you are looking at fast setting as a reliable solution and want to purchase your DIY concrete repair, then we would advise you to head over to our website and place your order today! You can even reach out to us through call or email, and we will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Not only will our quick setting concrete simplify your life, but it will also leave you with par-satisfactory results!