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Quick and easy DIY concrete repair!

Looking for a quick and easy concrete repair material to fix the cracks in your home?

Try Fascrete - a perfect solution for all home concrete repair needs!

Fixing broken concrete can be tough and risky, but it doesn't have to be! We know the challenges and dangers of chipped floors, cracked stairs, and broken countertops in your home. That's why we created Fascrete, your go-to solution for all your concrete repair needs. Whether you're tackling a small home concrete repair project or a bigger DIY job, Fascrete is designed with you in mind to make your repairs easy, safe, and last!

No need to fret about your damaged concrete surface anymore. Use our perfect mixture that will dry up within minutes and leave your concrete surface smooth and crack-free.

Find out more about Fascrete and why it is ideal for your home repair.

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About Fascrete

Fascrete is an easy to use, quick-setting concrete repair material that bonds strong and lasts long. Our mission is to empower you to fix your broken concrete yourself with our fast-setting concrete repair kits that ensure you get the same professional results without the need for heavy equipment or extensive work.

To experience it, simply mix the dry powder with the pre-measured liquid activator jar, then place and finish.

Your broken concrete is fixed – FAST!

No smell, painless cleanup (with water), and it stops rust too.


The Kits we offer

Fascrete is convenient and solves your challenges when repairing your broken concrete surface. Our easy to use kits are excellent if you plan on fixing your broken concrete by yourself and avoiding any outside help.

In addition, we offer tools that will make your concrete mixing experience a seamless process. These include our Helix Mixer for mixing the patch kits, and Fascrete Auger Mixer for mixing the pails.



Is the beauty of your home destroyed by broken concrete? Restore it with our Fascrete Patch Kit! Each kit contains a half pound of dry mix and its respective pre-measured liquid activator jar, sold in convenient packs of four that you can use at once or in different instances, depending on the nature of your repair. It is ideal for repairing your pavements and treating other overhead and vertical patches in your home.

To get a perfect mix and achieve results like a pro, the Helix mixer is recommended with this packaging.


If your concrete repair task is substantial and requires additional material, our 11lb Fascrete Pail offers ample material for your bigger repair needs. Sold individually, the Fascrete Pail allows you to handle larger concrete repair projects with confidence and ease. The Fascrete pail is composed of an 11lb bag of Fascrete Dry Mix with its respective pre-measured liquid activator jar. To ensure a consistent and thorough blend, the Auger Mixer is recommended with this packaging.

Fascrete Helix Mixer

If your concrete repair requires only Fascrete Patch Kits, use this small Helix Mixer Paddle for mixing. While it may take a bit longer to mix and the plastic may wear out after a few kits, it's perfect for smaller DIY projects involving only a few patch kits.


If your concrete repair project is larger and your DIY skills are more Handyman, then you need our Fascrete urethane auger to mix pails of Fascrete again and again (and again).

The auger mixes Fascrete fast. The urethane won't stick to Fascrete so your tool cleans up easily with a good spin in a bucket of water.

Ready to find out more?

Discover how easy it is to fix your concrete repairs fast and achieve professional-grade results with Fascrete.

Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out, our products are designed to make your concrete repair projects simple and effective.


Ready to transform your broken home concrete? Order a Fascrete repair kit now and see the difference for yourself.


If you have any questions or need assistance in selecting the right kit for your concrete repair project, click the button below to reach out to us through call or email, and we will be happy to assist you with your concrete repair project.