Little has changed since the ancient Romans began constructing with concrete in 600 BC. The Romans mixed volcanic ash, lime, and seawater. Modern Portland cement, invented in England in 1824, is made of limestone, clay, and water. When Portland cement is combined with hard aggregates, and other materials, that forms OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) CONCRETE – the common building block of our modern infrastructure.

When concrete cracked and spalled, it had to be replaced because conventional concrete does not bond to itself. This required extensive demolition, removal, disposal, and replacement. Today, materials exist that patch broken concrete and extend the life of the structure. That is where Phoscrete, MALP concrete repair product that is easy to use, bonds strong and sets fast comes in!

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What is rapid set concrete repair?

The simplest concrete repair material is asphalt because it is cheap and easy to patch. But unfortunately, it does not last very long. Newer repair materials called Elastomers are also made from petroleum-based products and bond better and last longer. Most conventional cementitious patch materials are made from Portland cement, and they do bond to the broken concrete.

Phoscrete is unconventional and innovative. Phoscrete concrete repair materials are not Portland cement, but Magnesium Phosphate cement-based MALP concrete, with very compelling properties including rapid hardening, strong bonding, and no shrinkage cracking.

If you do not like standing around waiting for concrete to dry, and you need a product that is easy to use, sets fast, bonds strong, and lasts long, try Phoscrete for your concrete repair projects, large and small. Phoscrete comes in tubs for minor repairs and in kits (bags and jugs) for larger patches.

If you are a contractor or maintenance department looking to perform more extensive commercial concrete repairs, check out:

Phoscrete’s Fast and Easy Concrete Repair
HC 3 Full Pallet Kits

Phoscrete HC

Phoscrete HC product is our go-to when it comes to horizontal or castable concrete jobs. You can quickly patch bridge decks, expansion joint headers, loading docks, industrial floors, and airport runways. Using Phoscrete HC, you can land an airplane as soon as 30 minutes after your final Phoscrete pour! Imagine how fast you can get your concrete repaired and get home safely to your family when you fix it with Phoscrete HC!

Phoscrete’s Fast and Easy Concrete Repair

Phoscrete VO

Phoscrete VO is the best sticking product for fixing broken and damaged vertical and overhead concrete structures. Not only can you quickly patch broken concrete on walls and ceilings, but you can also even feather-finish Phoscrete VO to blends with the existing concrete. Use Phoscrete VO for bridge beams and columns, culverts, stairwells, seawalls, and more!

phoscrete concrete repair kit

Phoscrete SG

When you need to make large vertical and overhead concrete repairs where hand patching with VO is too much, look to Phoscrete SG for dry shotcrete/gunite spray-on concrete repairs. Using gunning equipment and our special wetting ring, the dry and the liquid mix at the nozzle and sprays and sticks onto the large repairs such as soffits, bridge abutment walls, and more!

If you are looking to repair concrete for DIY projects, look to our brand Fascrete and quickly fix concrete sidewalks, driveways, stairs, signposts, balconies, window ledges, and more!

All Phoscrete (and Fascrete) concrete repair materials are fast, easy, and last! Phoscrete with MALP+ technology stops rust on contact and prevents future corrosion – the primary cause of concrete spalls. Phoscrete works tremendously both in hot weather and in sub-freezing temperatures.

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When you need to repair concrete and get the job done fast, count on Phoscrete to fix it right the first time. Our website is packed with extensive technical data, safety data, installation documents, and videos to show you the best practices for successful concrete repair. Our team of experts is available to answer your questions and help you decide if Phoscrete is a good fit for your specific product. We are also available to work with you virtually or travel on-site for training and support. Contact us via our website or call 561-420-0595 and get your rapid set concrete today!