Ice Down Phoscrete Activator COOLER

Summertime Free Cooler Offer!

Cooling Phoscrete Activator extends your working time when placing and finishing Phoscrete.

Get a FREE COOLER with every full pallet purchase of Phoscrete HC or VO this summer. Our marine grade 5 cf (150 qt) cooler ices down 16 Phoscrete Activator Jugs in about 2 hours.

This offer applies only to end-users. If you purchased Phoscrete from a distributor, simply email us at with a copy of your purchase receipt and we will ship your FREE COOLER direct to you at no charge (shipping included).

To all our loyal repeat customers out there: the FREE COOLER counts toward your PPP, Phoscrete’s Points Promotion Program. The more you purchase, the more points you accumulate, and the more tools and gear you can get, like a drill mixer, a generator, and a chest freezer for your shop to supercool the Phoscrete Activator before your shift.

Refer to Phoscrete’s All Temperature Guidelines for best practices on cooling Phoscrete in hot temperatures as well as accelerating the set time in cold temperatures. Be sure to read about our breakthrough discovery on SUPERCOOLING Phoscrete Activator.

One cooler per full pallet (or more) customer order per month of summer. Valid through Sept. 30, 2021.