Chair on Concrete Floor

5 Creative Concrete Accents for Your Backyard

Now more than ever, people are finding new and creative ways to make good use out of their outdoor spaces. Having a backyard that is both beautiful and functional can serve not only as an oasis that is right outside of your doors, but can also be a great gathering place for friends and family, especially during a time where many are trying their best to avoid restaurants and busy patios.

While many outdoor projects may sound complex to do yourself or expensive to hire someone else to do, there are many quick and easy landscape fixes you can do yourself that are unique and less difficult to complete than you might think. Read on to learn more about these five creative landscaping ideas, and if you are in need of quick and easy concrete repair products, fix it fast with FASCRETE concrete repair products!

1. Raised Concrete Flower Beds

Building raised flower beds out of concrete is a great way to secure dirt and plants while creating a dynamic landscape design for your yard. They are ideal in sloped yards in order to retain the soil but also give a nice multi-level look to flat yards.

2. Embedded LED Lights

Embedding LED lights into your concrete is one of the easiest aspects of landscape to overlook, but also one of the most important! Not only will this installment allow you, your family, and other guests to see where they are walking, they may also end up prompting you to spend more time in your backyard. Whether you are looking to add in some edging in order to highlight your flower beds, a pathway to your house, or your whole patio, LED lighting will surely make your backyard space much more safe and serene.

3. Concrete Pathways

An easy and affordable way to transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis while adding safety is to create a gorgeous concrete pathway. This is especially true when you embed the right lighting, surrounding plants, and maybe even a bistro table or bench alongside the path.

There are several ways you can create a beautiful concrete pathway. Whether you decide to go with an organic, unique winding pathway or structured concrete squares, you are sure to find something that you love.

4. Concrete Furniture

Not only is concrete furniture like tables, chairs, and benches completely in-style, they are also excellent options for those who live in windy, stormy locations. Concrete is a very dense, heavy material that won’t blow away like some other materials do and they are completely versatile with any look you are going for with your outdoor space. Even if it doesn’t seem as cozy as you would like it to be, by simply adding cushions and bringing out some blankets, you can make a concrete bench the perfect spot to cozy up on next to a summer fire.

5. A Touch of Water

One of the best ways to turn your backyard into a zen garden paradise is to build or install a concrete waterfall. Not only do they look modern and chic, but they bring about a calmness with the smooth sound of running water. There are many excellent options that you can find online, otherwise, we suggest working with a local landscaping company that can create your ideal backyard waterfall. Regardless of what look you go for, a touch of water in your backyard is a great way to add a relaxing element to your space.

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