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Phoscrete sets and dries in as little as 30 minutes and is appropriate for year-round use.   Check out our line of products and learn more about Phoscrete today!

Phoscrete is a safe, fast-setting, long-lasting MALP concrete repair material that’s been approved for use by the DOT in 25 US states. Phoscrete can repair many different concrete structures, including:





Parking decks

Loading docks

Industrial floors





Phoscrete’s Fast and Easy Concrete Repair

What Is Phoscrete?

Phoscrete is a safe, easy-to-use, rapid-set concrete used to repair damaged concrete. Phoscrete has a 10-year history of successful installations and works fast even in sub-freezing temperatures because its two componnet system mixes with a liquid phosphate activator (freezing point -20°F / -29°C).

Water-activated concrete repair materials can take up to 28 days before you can apply coatings, Phoscrete can accept epoxy and silicone sealants less than one hour after the final mix and pour. This is great because crews can complete projects like an entire expanion joint nosing and seal in just one lane closure, and save both time and the cost of traffic control.

Phoscrete's vertical and overhead patching formula sticks better than anything else on the market. You can quickly patch concrete beams and colums, and smooth to match the existing concrete with a feather finish.

Phoscrete with MALP+ Technology stops rust on contact and protects against future corrosion. You don’t need to sandblast, just remove unsound concrete and loose scale on the rebar. Simply mix the two components in a bucket for less than one minute, then place and finish. You'll be ready for traffic in less than one hour. It's that fast and easy!

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Phoscrete products are an excellent choice for a wide variety of concrete repair projects, including:

Concrete Bridge Deck Spalls

Bridge Expansion joint nosings

Bridge Beams and Columns

Full and Partial Depth Pavements

Phoscrete is DOT approved for use by 25 US States and is the go-to concrete repair material of choice for DOT maintenance crews and construction contractors because it is fast and easy to install. Phoscrete bonds strong to the existing concrete and to itself with no cold joints. When crews fix concrete using Phoscrete, they repair more in a single shift, and they are able to return lanes to traffic faster than with any other repair products.

Phoscrete saves time and money, and keeps traffic flowing. Best of all, Phoscrete repairs last, so when you fix it once using Phoscrete, you fix it for good!


Below are some of our most popular products. Visit the products page to place an online order or visit the contact page to speak with one of our specialists to find out if Phoscrete is a good fit for your concrete repair projects.

How to Repair Wide Cracks in Concrete?

The Phoscrete Difference

Phoscrete is a excellent alternative to conventional Portland cement-based concrete repair products. It bonds both chemically and mechanically to concrete, and to itself with no cold joints.

Because Phoscrete has both cementitious and polymeric properties, it is non-shrinking, non-brittle, and not prone to cracking. It has high early compression, bond, flexural and tensile strength, making it an excellent choice for concrete repairs.

Phoscrete is safe to use, with no odors or VOCs and all your tools clean up with water. Same for your boots and clothes.

There are tons of benefits to using Phoscrete over conventional concrete repair products, including:

  • Works fast in all temperatures
  • Very low chloride ion permeability
  • No cold joints
  • No shrinkage cracks
  • Mixes up in less than one minute
How to Repair Wide Cracks in Concrete?

Mitigating Rust And The “Halo Effect”

After mixing, Phoscrete's liquid activator stops corrosion on contact. Along with preventing rust from forming, Phoscrete also helps to mitigate what’s known as the “halo effect.”

The halo effect occurs when a concrete patch causes rust to form on the rebar at the adjacent to the repair, causing spalling around the perimeter of the patch. This is partly due to the difference in pH between the patching material and concrete.

Conventional Portland cement-based concrete repair products cure with a higher pH than the surrounding concrete pushing the corrosion reaction to the perimeter, Phoscrete cures slightly acidic, acting as an anode, and naturally stops corrosion on the rebar it encapsulates.

How to Repair Wide Cracks in Concrete?

Appropriate For All-Season Repair

Because Phoscrete Activator has a freezing point of -20°F (-29°C) it can be installed even in temperatures below freezing where the water used in conventional concretes will freeze, or take hours to set.

The same Phoscrete formula is used in all temperatures. Set times can be controlled using admixtures (Fast-Set and Slow-Set) and by cooling or supercooling the activator.

Oftentimes, nesting birds prevent crews from repairing bridge substructures in the spring and summer. Because Phoscrete works great even in the cold of winter, the season for concrete repair is extended and the work can be done without disturbing nature.


How to Repair Wide Cracks in Concrete?

Freeze And Thaw Resistance

Phoscrete repairs stand up to freezing and thawing, and also to deicing salts that damage ordinary concrete. Phoscrete has been tested to show a durability factor of >100% and a salt scaling visual rating of 0 after 50 cycles, with very low material loss.

How to Repair Wide Cracks in Concrete?

Chloride Resistance

Chlorides in water that penetrate concrete form a current for acceleration of corrosion in reinforcing steel (rebar).

Phoscrete was tested to show a very low chloride ion permeability rating.

Check out our technical data guide for laboratory performance testing information.

How to Repair Wide Cracks in Concrete?

Shrinkage Crack Resistance

In both lab and field testing, Phoscrete has been proven to excel in both restrained and free shrinkage testing. Phoscrete has high tensile strength and high-early bond strength so not only does Phoscrete hold strong to the adjacent concrete, it will not shrink or crack under stress.

Phoscrete actually expands slightly on initial set, increasing the mechanical bond to the adjacent concrete.

How to Repair Wide Cracks in Concrete?

No Sandblasting, SSD, Or Curing Compounds Required

Once a repair site is properly prepared, no additional steps are required before installing Phoscrete, so you can save time and money. Phoscrete is often the lowest in-place cost solution for concrete repair, helping you to:

  • Save time on site prep and installation
  • Eliminate the need for sandblasting
  • Save money by completing the repair faster/in one shift
  • Repair a larger area in a shorter time period

If you are looking for a value-driven concrete repair solution, go with Phoscrete!

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